Dealing With Personal Freedom In A Changing Global India

Told partly in first person, GRAFFITI is a humorous look at how people fall short of the expectations we have of them, dealing with friends or acquaintances enduring bereavement or similar tragic events. It is the story of Vipin, an Indian techie working in the USA, as he tries to cope with death of his wife. His few friends and colleagues offer little solace, but not for lack of trying. In fact, their well-meaning attempts are a constant source of frustration for Vipin.
Meanwhile he meets Rene, who while on an assignment from Bangalore, almost magically transforms his life. However Rene, a flighty, somewhat silly techie herself, has baggage of her own as Vipin soon realizes. They come in all shapes and sizes. There is Agni, Rene’s ex, Mark, a distant shadow and a formidable contender, and a ‘BFF’ Upasana (Upi), who unwittingly adds to the confusion. Not that Vipin ever acknowledges he’s actually interested in Rene in that special way, but by the time he is ready to do that, doing his own ‘growing-up’, will it be too late?
In an “All’s ‘as best as it can be’ that ends ‘somewhat’ well” tale, Graffiti, explores the raw emotions that the characters go through while being only partially aware that they don’t exist in a vacuum.



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